If mental health is a fundamental right of every citizen, and protection of human rights of those struggling with mental health is the government’s responsibility we must do all we can to prevent this rule becoming a threadbare platitude, and make it our beacon for improvement of our mental health care system. It should guide us in fighting for relief for the struggling, those still recovering, for better disease prevention, and elimination of helplessness, and finally bringing hope for a happier life.

We need to do away with the ignorant, pessimistic, and stigmatising stereotypes; we need to start noticing the needs of people struggling with mental health, and reform the obsolete and inefficient psychiatric system.

It’s high time we respected the human and civil rights of people struggling with mental health, and listened to their voices telling us precisely what they need; them and their careworn families.

Enough neglect and failure! No more giving up! Mental health crises support must be provided in decent conditions, no omitting or excluding anyone in an atmosphere of acceptance and respect. Mental health services need to be effective, complex, and suitable for individual needs.

We are ready! We are many! We are a civic movement comprised of people aware of their rights and responsibilities. We are determined and we will achieve our goal. To those still set on ignoring us, avoiding, omitting us we say a decisive : non possumus!

We are preparing a Mental Health Congress to speak loud and clear, in one strong voice.

We change the public mental health care system and Polish psychiatry.

Give hope, respect, restore health.

Advisory Board of the First Mental Health Congress

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